Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa

Admit­tedly, this post is way more about tak­ing a pretty pic­ture than pro­vid­ing a recipe because Mango Salsa is just one of those things that can’t be per­fectly repro­duced with a sta­tic list of ingre­di­ents. Too many vari­ants. Too many indi­vid­u­al­is­tic tastes. Just start with ripe man­goes, hope­fully deli­cious, ripe toma­toes, (hard to find some­times), and have con­fi­d­ance that you will be able to adjust the prod­uct to your lik­ing!  I will admit that I am dri­ven by the looks of the fin­ished prod­uct as much as the taste. If you get the bal­ance of col­ors right, then the mango salsa seems to auto­mat­i­cally taste great! It looks like a bowl full of jewels–so beau­ti­ful and delicious!

makes about 4 cups of salsa

2 large man­goes diced small­ish, maybe a 1/2 inch in size (about three cups)

3 roma toma­toes, diced a bit smaller than the mango (about 1 cup) I like romas because they have more flesh than seeds, so the salsa ends up less liq­uidy with­out hav­ing to seed the tomatoes

1/2 a large red bell pep­per, diced quite small, about 1/4 inch

2 medium to large jalapeno pep­pers minced (adjust the spicy­ness by remov­ing some or all of the mem­branes and seeds from inside the jalapeno. I like to clean one pep­per, and leave the seeds in the other)

5 green onions, sliced up until the dark­est green.

1/4 cup cilantro, chopped

Juice from 1–2 large limes (this is where your per­sonal taste comes in.  Start with juice from 1 lime, and adjust from there)

salt and pep­per to taste

Mango Salsa

I have sub­sti­tuted red onion for green onions in a pinch, and lemon juice instead of lime.


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