Lime Ginger Fizz

Lime Fizz

My kids chris­tened this drink “Sploosh”, I think just because it’s fun to say, and not that it resem­bles at all the bot­tled con­coc­tion in Louis Sachar’s book ‘Holes’.  We make it for any occa­sion, or no occa­sion at all–it’s just YUM! The gin­ger syrup driz­zled in at the end is a recent addi­tion and it com­ple­ments the lime per­fectly! Make sure you freeze it in a non-reactive pan. Glass is best.

Serves 12 gen­er­ously.

Lime Gin­ger Fizz

1–12 ounce con­tainer frozen limeade

4 cups gran­u­lated sugar

8 cups water

Club soda or pellegrino

Gin­ger syrup

Limes for gar­nish and extra fla­vor if desired

Lime Fizz

Heat the water and sugar in a saucepan just until dis­solved.  Add frozen (or thaw it first–doesn’t really mat­ter!) limeaid and mix well. Pour into non-reactive con­tain­ers and freeze sev­eral hours. Trans­fer from freezer to fridge 30 min­utes or so before serv­ing to slightly soften. Either mix entire amount in a large punch powl with club soda, or scoop indi­vid­u­ally into glasses and add club soda to taste. Driz­zle desired amount of gin­ger syrup onto mixed drink, gar­nish and serve



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  1. Beau­ti­ful! We’d love for you to share this over at!

    • Thanks for ask­ing! And done!

  2. What a whim­si­cal photo! And a tasty and refresh­ing sound­ing drink. It might even be nice with some vodka or gin for the grown-ups. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re very wel­come! We love it for fam­ily parties!

  3. That sounds so tasty! And looks freak­ing fab­u­lous!! For­give a new­bie, but what is gin­ger syrup? Where do I find it in the store?

    • Thanks, Peggy! You can order Gin­ger syrup online, but it can be pricey. I made my own and I’ll post the recipe soon! It’s so yummy!

  4. Can you please post (or tell me if/where you have posted) what tool to use and how to cre­ate that lovely thin swirl of lime?

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