The Firefly

I fig­ure no BBQ is com­plete with­out some­thing refresh­ing to drink. If you’ve got a decent blender, this mixes up quickly, four serv­ings at a time, so you won’t be tied to the kitchen while every­one else is enjoy­ing the party.

I can’t resist a pretty drink. And this is suit­able for every­one, down to the lit­tle ones.

Not into tee­to­tal­ism? Throw a lit­tle rum in there.

If you like a lit­tle more creami­ness in your drinks, sub­sti­tute vanilla ice cream for half the sherbet.

Firefly Summer Drink


I’m not even going to pre­tend that this drink isn’t a nod to the best lit­tle cancelled-too-early show that ever was.

I’ll even pro­vide a tie-in!

Peo­ple fight in all sorts of ways for inde­pen­dence, and it being almost ‘Inepen­nance’ Day in our world,  what bet­ter way to close up (although cer­tainly not can­cel.…), this glo­ri­ous week of Fourth of July recipes than with a salute to The ‘Verse of Firefly?

It’s sassy, & sweet. It’s an inter­est­ing mix. It’s bot­tom glows.…

I loved this lit­tle tv show. Still do. It has heart. It has fam­ily. It really was just too pretty to die. So we keep it alive. In lit­tle ways like cre­at­ing a drink and nam­ing it

The Firefy

serves 4

**What works best, is for the mix­ture to be slightly run­nier than thick, this will bet­ter give you the gra­da­tion of color that gives the drink it’s name. If you really don’t care what it looks like, and want to go with the slush, Just mix it all together. It will be a gor­geous pink and taste deli­cious anyway!**

1 cup orange juice

9 scoops pineap­ple sher­bet ( My scoop is just an old fash­ioned, tra­di­tional sized scoop. Not like some­thing from an ice cream store)

2 cups Pellegrino/club soda

2 table­spoons Rasp­berry Syrup

Firefly Summer Drink

In a blender, com­bine the orange juice, the sher­bet, and one cup of the Pel­le­grino. Blend until very well mixed. Add the remain­ing cup of Pel­le­grino and pulse just until blended. At this point, you need to eval­u­ate how slushy this mix­ture is. If all the ingre­di­ents were super-cold, it’s likely that you’ve got a thicker mix­ture. In this case, you might want to add the Rasp­berry Syrup to the bot­tom of the glass first.

Pour into glasses.

Add the two table­spoons Rasp­berry Syrup right down the mid­dle of the drink. It will sink to the bottom.

Either stir just a lit­tle bit at the bot­tom to bring some of the Rasp­berry Syrup up through the drink before serv­ing, or give to your guests with a swiz­zle stick and let them stir.




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  1. Oh, my! Fire­fly … No power in the ‘verse can stop you …

  2. You had me at its name.
    Def­i­nitely too pretty to die.
    WAY too pretty.

  3. Your food is not prob­lem­atic.
    That was the only thing I could come up with.
    Next time I watch the entirety of Fire­fly and Seren­ity in one sit­ting *cough*tomorrow*cough* I’ll make some of these to go with it.

  4. Beau­ti­ful! That would make a fab­u­lous wed­ding cocktail. :)

  5. Pretty and refresh­ing– a won­der­ful com­bi­na­tion for any event!

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