Candied Strawberries

We have a city celebration  commemorating the strawberry fields that used to be a major economic contributor of the town in days long past (that is to say, before it was fiscally nonsensical to try to produce a major crop locally that you could get much cheaper from Chile). Sadly, even though we continue to celebrate Strawberry Days, there are no strawberries grown anywhere but backyards in our town.

We do continue to eat and observe with a parade, carnival, pie eating contests and rodeos, and really, what else do you need? The kiddies don’t have to know that the city orders five ba-jillion cases of strawberries from CA! All that matters is that we have tons of strawberries to eat (swimming in cream), and to make yummy recipes with!

Candied Strawberries

The Chef brought some of these home last Valentines Day and I couldn’t wait to make them to honor our town’s Strawberry Days Shindig!!  (which is different than a hootenanny……**name that TV series**)

makes 1-2 dozen, depending on the size of berries, and how fast you can dip!

2 cups granulated sugar

1 cup water

1/4 cup corn syrup (this aids in inhibiting the formation of sugar crystals)

strawberries (about 15-20, depending on their size)

wooden skewers

block of styrofoam

In a small-ish heavy saucepan place the sugar, water, and corn syrup. Stir it well, and then let it alone as you turn up the heat to medium-high. Don’t stir while the simple syrup mixture cooks to a temperature of  295 F. (this is a sea-level temperature–calibrate your thermometer in boiling water and add or subtract degrees according to your sea-level.) Stirring will cause the syrup to crystalize. RESIST THE URGE!! Watch carefully as the temperature moves quickly when it gets to the correct stage.

Have your strawberries ready and skewered through the tops. If you are washing the berries, do it gently  and let them dry thoroughly on a towel.

As soon as the sugar-syrup reaches the correct temperature, pull it off the heat and quickly dip the strawberries, letting the excess candy drip off the berry before inserting it upside-down in the styrofoam block to harden. The faster you move, the thinner the coat of candy shell will be, which is what you want! Serve promptly. They will hold for maybe an hour before the strawberries begin to drip juice.

Candied Strawberries

The syrup will set up very quickly, so move fast, but be careful because the stuff BLISTERS and BURNS!!!!

Candied StrawberriesIf you like, you can take a spoon of the slightly cooled mixture and swirl it around the candied berries.

Candied Strawberries


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  1. What an idea! I can really smell my childhood – we used to make this ‘caramel’ looong time ago :)

  2. Hi this looks amazing! can i replace corn syrup with maple syrup?

    • Charinee–Unfortunately, no. Maple syrup, although very sweet and delicious, is not the right kind of sugar. Corn syrup is considered an interfering agent, meaning that it causes an interference in the sugar crystals, keeping them from lining up and forming larger crystals resulting in a grainy texture. There are other things you can use as interfering agents in recipes, such as acidic ingredients like lemon juice and cream of tarter, but I have never tried them in this particular recipe. Cooking sugar can be so tricky sometimes, getting the right stage and texture. I rarely substitute and since a grainy batch of sugar syrup is no fun at all, I recommend sticking to the corn syrup if possible.

      • acually, yes u can use either honey or Maple Syrup, they both have natural inverted sugar, this means it will mess with the sugar to stop big crystals from foreming. And thats what the cron syrup is doing. Or you can use some inverted sugar that now being sold in most baking places or you can use cream of tarter or lemon/lime juice or lots of tother things. I use corn syrup myself , but i am trying to get away from it and use heathyer alternitives.

    • charinee, tammy is right. Maple syrup is going to be trickier than sugar to handle. You can’t just re-liquify syrup, it will harden and/or turn into maple sugar, or hard syrup. And seriously, it brings me to my second point;

      You might want to consider is the price of it. Even if I live in Quebec (which is responsible for 74% of the world’s production), almost right where it’s produced, prices have sky rocketed in the last few years up to 10 Canadian dollars for a mere can. If you’re lucky to get some from a good producer, (like me) I had 8 of these for 6$ each. It’s heartbreaking to waste one, and it’s a waste to blend it with corn syrup.

      You might however want to try to make strawberry-maple syrup, by blending strawberries, extracting the juice and removing seeds, then mixing it with maple syrup, which is quite awesome, or just dip the berries in a small amount of syrup. (equally good:D)

  3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Season 3, Episode 2. Dead Man’s Party. Said by Oz :D Great quote. Also, the strawberries look awesome!

    • Josh–Thank you, and you are correct! I love me some Buffy! If I could, I’d make you some candied strawberries as a prize for being right!

  4. Ok, this is just down right adorable! So cute and creative.

  5. Those look incredible! I’ve been making chocolate covered strawberries constantly, but sugary candied strawberries sounds like an amazing change of pace! I’ll definitely have to try this, and soon!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  6. See this? It’s my mouth, WATERING every time I look at that picture. So delicious!! I’d like to thank you for the pile of drool on my desk, now that I’ve looked at this picture half a dozen times because it’s do darn pretty I just can’t seem to stay away.

  7. What an amazing idea, it must taste amazing! :)

  8. What a great idea!

  9. these are absolutely beautiful !:)
    but my question is they will hold for only an hour ? after that it’s not lie this ?

    • Sadly, the juices from the berries start to exude and have nowhere to go as the candied shell is even less permeable than chocolate. Possible keeping them cold could delay this a bit, as long as the humidity level of your refrigerator is not too high. Still, they were delicious, and worth the extra effort because they are so unusual and pretty!

  10. This is such a great idea! They look like glistening hearts on a stick.

  11. Can these be made ahead of time for say a wedding reception? Thank you.

    • I probably wouldn’t make them more than an hour or so before serving. They start to weep pretty quickly, and then the juices run down the stick and he candy shell begins to get gooey.

  12. I made these within an hour of finding this page. They are divine. My husband ate an entire carton worth. I can testify that within a couple hours the get soft, juicy and the coating gets kind of slimy. Obviously they kept longer in the cool/shade than when I brought them outside to the kids, so maybe you can find a trick there? Anyway, thank you so much for the amazing recipe!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them! They are a fleeting treat, for sure, but worth the trouble, I think!

  13. I came looking for a recipe for candied strawberries after having them at Epcot in Disney last week. What Disney does is freeze them after making them. I think that stops the weeping/leaking and helps them to keep longer -that is of course assuming that you haven’t eaten them all in one sitting!

    • Thanks, Maggie! That is really good to know!

    • Maggie, where did you get the recipe? I too had them at Epcot and I want to make them at home. I couldn’t get enough. I’m dreaming about them;)

  14. Can the candy glaze be saved? For instance if you had some left over?

    • The glaze is meant to harden when cool so leftovers will solidify in whatever container they are in. Technically you could add a little water and cook it back to the proper temperature, but it would likely be a darker color and wouldn’t look quite the same on the berries. I wouldn’t recommend saving the extra.

  15. Just had these candies strawberries at Epcot in China with sesame seeds added! They were incredible and I cannot wait to try them at home.

  16. I tried some today and added food coloring. I am going to try again and put them in the freezer. I want to do this for my sister’s bridal shower.

    • Let us know how freezing them works! I’d love to know!


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