The Coolest Fourth of July Cake I’ve Ever Seen

I am end­lessly amazed by food. And by peo­ple. Espe­cially food­ies. And the lim­it­less nature of the imag­i­na­tion when it comes to food. It’s so beautiful.

How serendip­i­tous that cook­ing and pho­tog­ra­phy com­pli­ment each other so well! Noth­ing inspires me like a gor­geous pic­ture of food. I have books that I likely will never actu­ally cook from, but nev­er­the­less, I pour over them with rapt fas­ci­na­tion! Just the images feed and sat­isfy me somehow!

The inter­net in regards to food is like a crazy, inex­haustible buf­fet of eye and mouth candy!  It’s almost too good to be true. So much out there to peruse and put to the test! I have a huge com­puter file of recipes I can’t wait to try, even though it would take me a life­time and a half to get through them all!

There are some recipes though, that I book­mark in my Put in here so I don’t lose you amongst the hoards of other recipes I have saved file.

This is one of them.


Fourth of July Cake


I was just so enchanted with Elissa’s Inde­pen­dence Day Cake posted on her 17 and Bak­ing site site that I pushed it right to the top of the ‘PIHSIDLYATHOORIHS’ file. The Fourth of July, being my favorite hol­i­day might have biased me just a little.

I have spent con­sid­er­able time perus­ing Elissa’s recipes and implore you to do the same. She’s a pro­lific baker and blog­ger, with a very enjoy­able writ­ing style. It’s obvi­ous that bak­ing is really some­thing Elissa does for the love of it. She delights in the pho­tog­ra­phy side as well and as a result her pic­tures fall into the beau­ti­ful category.

Next in my list of recipes to try from Elissa’s site? Lemon Scented Pull Apart Cof­fee Cake. Yum! Don’t for­get to read Elissa’s wish list. Inspir­ing and impres­sive! What a great idea!

Elissa was gen­er­ous enough to agree to our post­ing of her patri­otic pastry.

Hmm…talented and nice!


July 4th Flag Cake

serves 10–12

Elissa’s post is really more about the tech­nique than the recipe. You can use any ver­sion of white cake you want, boxed or from scratch, although after scrolling through the com­ments left on Elissa’s post, it sounds as though a denser, heav­ier cake is eas­ier to work with. I’d absolutely sug­gest chill­ing or even freez­ing a boxed mix cake to help with the cut­ting. The recipe I used will be at the end of this post.

You will need (3) 9-inch layers.

1 layer col­ored blue

1 layer col­ored red

1 layer left white

Bake lay­ers accord­ing to recipe or direc­tions. Let com­pletely cool. I make mine ahead of time and wrap in plas­tic wrap and store in the refrig­er­a­tor for a day.

Level off tops of cakes, if needed. I recently began using Wilton’s Bake Even Strips and I can’t believe what a dif­fer­ence it makes! Seri­ously, it’s unreal!! They insu­late the out­side of the pan so the outer edge of the cake doesn’t bake faster that the mid­dle, thus pre­vent­ing domed tops and cracked mid­dles. I actu­ally didn’t level these cake lay­ers at all! I only made the hor­i­zon­tal slices needed to assem­ble the cake. That is how well they worked for me. Awesome!

One you have your red layer, your blue layer, and your white layer, you will need to slice the red and white layer hor­i­zon­tally with a long, ser­rated knife. This will be eas­ier if your cakes have been refrig­er­ated and are still cold. Cut them as evenly through the mid­dle as you can. These lay­ers form the stripes of the cake.

Next, take one red half-layer, and one white half layer and stack them on top of one another. Take the whole (uncut) blue layer and set it in front of you. Place the stacked red and white layer on top of the blue layer. Check that they are evenly cen­tered on top of one another.

Using a cir­cle tem­plate as a guide, cut a cir­cle exactly cen­tered through all three lay­ers of the blue, white, & red.  For this 9-inch cake, I used the plas­tic lid off the top of a short­en­ing can. It was 5 inches. Try to get as close to this mea­sure­ment as you can so the color ratio looks right. Cut care­fully and thor­oughly, mak­ing sure you get all the way through all the layers.

Next, sep­a­rate the  blue from the red and white lay­ers. Take the mid­dle out of the blue. You won’t be using the blue cir­cle for this recipe, so set it aside.  You now have a donut-shaped ring of blue. This will be the star field of your flag.

Now remove the out­side ring from the red & white lay­ers. This is not used either, so set it aside. You should have a 5-inch cir­cle con­sist­ing of 1 white half-layer, and 1 red half layer. This will be the top stripes of your flag cake.


Take the uncut white half-layer and cen­ter it on a cake cir­cle or cake stand. Spread a 1/8–1/4 inch layer of frost­ing over the top. Keep it as even as you can. Lay the uncut red half-layer on top of the frost­ing, mak­ing sure it is cen­tered. These make up the bot­tom two stripes of your flag. Frost like the last layer. Make it as even as you can.

Now take the blue donut cir­cle and cen­ter it on top of the bot­tom stripes layer. Using a small off­set spat­ula or knife, spread a very thin layer of frost­ing around the inside of the blue ring. You don’t really want to see this layer of frost­ing, it’s just to help adhere the lay­ers. Plus, too much frost­ing, and your cir­cles won’t fit inside.

Take the white 5-inch cir­cle and set it care­fully, but firmly inside the blue ring. Push it down as far as you dare. You want it as even with the blue as you can get it. Spread a thin, thin layer of icing over the white that is inside the blue ring. Place the red cir­cle on top and press down care­fully, try­ing to make the top lay­ers even.

Now you are ready to frost! The recipe below makes about 5 cups of frost­ing. You will need all of it for a nine inch cake. Put a nice, thick layer on the out­side of the cake. You need to make up for the not-so-much frost­ing on the inside.

Keep the cake refrig­er­ated until ready to serve. You can pull it out a bit ahead of time to take the chill off.

When­ever I slice a cake, espe­cially with cream cheese frost­ing, or ganache, I use a sharp knife that has been dipped in very hot water and wiped dry. It makes very clean cuts. Clean off and re-dip the knife between slices.

Thanks again, Elissa, not only for being gen­er­ous, but for being inspir­ing as well!

Piece of Fourth of July Cake


White Cake

makes (2) 8 or 9 inch layers–for the Flag Cake, you will need to make this recipe twice, divid­ing and col­or­ing as directed below before baking

8 table­spoons (1 stick, 4 ounces) unsalted but­ter, softened

1/2 cup veg­etable shortening

1 table­spoon bak­ing powder

1 3/4 cup gran­u­lated sugar

3/4 tea­spoon salt

2 tea­spoons vanilla extract

1 tea­spoon almond extract

5 large egg whites (these should be room temperature)

2 3/4 cup cake flour , sifted (11 oz. sifted–this is the most accu­rate way to measure)

1 cup milk (room temperature)

Pre­heat oven to 350 degrees F.

Pre­pare your cake pans by rub­bing a layer of short­en­ing all around the inside. Lay in a cir­cle of parch­ment int each pan and grease the bot­tom again. Then tap flour all around the inside as well, tap­ping out the extra flour. Wrap pans with the damp­ened Wilton Bake Even Strips. Set aside.

In a mix­ing bowl, cream together the but­ter and short­en­ing until very well incor­po­rated and very light in color. Add the bak­ing pow­der, sugar, fla­vor­ings, and salt and beat another minute.

Add the egg whites, one at a time, beat­ing very well and scrap­ing down the sides in between each addi­tion. This should take about 5 min­utes. The mix­ture will be very  light in color and very fluffy by this time.

Next, to incor­po­rate the flour and milk, add about 1/4 of the flour, and then 1/3 of the milk. Add another 1/4 flour, another 1/4 milk and so on, end­ing up with the last 1/4 cup of flour.

Make sure all ingre­di­ents are well incor­po­rated, but take care not to over beat the bat­ter. You just spent a fair bit of time get­ting the air into the cake, don’t deflate it by being too aggressive.

Split your bat­ter in half and add the food col­or­ing at this time. I made one batch and col­ored 1/2 blue, and 1/2 red. It will take quite a bit, espe­cially of the red. I use Ameri­color Gel Paste Super Red, and Royal Blue.  I added the tini­est bit of black to each one just to deepen the col­ors. TINIEST!! To get the white layer you will need to make a sec­ond batch of cake, leav­ing it white. You will have a left­over layer of white cake.

I use a scale again to fill the pans evenly. If you don’t own scales just do your best to make them even. Use a spat­ula to spread the bat­ter around evenly.

Bake the two lay­ers in the oven for 27–32 min­utes, depend­ing on your oven and alti­tude. The cakes will be done when they spring back to the touch in the mid­dle and barely begin to pull way from the sides. Watch care­fully towards the end. It doesn’t take long to over bake a cake, espe­cially one from scratch.

Remove pans from the oven and let cool 10 min­utes on a rack. Use a knife to loosen the edges and care­fully remove from pans and let fin­ish cool­ing on a rack. When com­pletely cooled, wrap in plas­tic wrap and store flat in fridge.

Fourth of July Cake


Cream Cheese Frosting

3 (8) oz. pack­ages cream cheese, softened

1 cup (8oz.) unsalted but­ter, softened

1 lb. pow­dered sugar, sifted

Whip together the cream cheese and but­ter until very fluffy. Add the sifted pow­dered sugar. I don’t add vanilla to this recipe because I want the frost­ing as white as pos­si­ble. You could try other fla­vors. Elissa added lime zest to her recipe, YUM! This recipe results in a very soft frost­ing. Try not to let your cake sit out too long in the heat.

Enjoy your Fourth!

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  1. Holy bleep­ing cow. I’m mak­ing this. Hats off to Elissa and many, many thanks for your pow­ers of per­sua­sion. You guys rock!!! I’m lov­ing it! I love the 4th so much, I made flag cakes one year, but my hands shake really bad, so my dec­o­rat­ing skills leave some­thing to be desired. My stripes were wavy — we’ll just say the flags were wav­ing in the breeze … This is so per­fect! Thanks, guys!

  2. Can’t. Stop. Star­ing. Holy cow that cake is unbe­liev­able! So very perfect!

  3. LOVE it! Thank you so much for shar­ing this won­der­ful eye candy.

  4. How funny, one of the next things on my ‘to bake’ list is the lemon pull apart cake. Great job on the cake, so patriotic!

  5. MUST MAKE CAKE!!!! I absolutely must make this cake!

  6. I love this! And you could make some cake balls out of the scraps.

    • Thanks! Elissa at 17 and Bak­ing is the genius behind the idea! Cake balls? Super idea, Hiba!

  7. Love this! I’m going to make this for a bbq this week­end. The only change I’m going to make is the frost­ing, and that’s only because I fell in love with a sweet cream but­ter­cream frost­ing that is so awesome.

    • That sounds won­der­ful!! Let me know how it turns out!

    • do you have the recipe for that but­ter­cream icing?

  8. how much food coloring?

    • It actu­ally takes quite a bit of the gel paste that I use. almost 1/2 bot­tle of red. Maybe half a tea­spoon of the blue?

  9. Oh Yeah! Wow! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Wish this had pic­tures on how to put it together. I just know I’m going to mess it up. But, it is a totally awe­some cake

    • I am a visual per­son too, star­lia, and pho­tos help me tons! I tried to be very descrip­tive with the direc­tions. I bet you could do it if you try! Let me know!

  11. Cutest Fourth cake EVER!!

  12. I will be bak­ing these tonight, and will con­struct it this week­end. I hope it doesn’t turn out to look more like a 70s tie dye hot mess!

  13. What an awe­some idea! My wife and I run a party rental com­pany and are always look­ing for new ideas to jazz up our par­ties. I hope you don’t mind, but we’ve posted a link to your arti­cle on our blog at
    We made sure to send our read­ers and cus­tomers your way for more info though. Thanks for the idea!

  14. I am DEFINITELY going to make this for our 4th of July cel­e­bra­tion this year. The only change is, I am going to make it gluten-free. :)
    I can’t wait to try this!!!

    • Great idea! Let me know how it goes!

  15. Wow!!! Miss Tammy you never cease to amaze me… A fab­u­lous cook, awe­some quil­ter fan­tas­tic mom and the list goes on and on!!! This is so Beau­ti­ful and your pic is awe­some too!! WOW just WOW!!!

  16. I be it would be good with red vel­vet as the red layer too. The red would be a lit­tle deeper, but i think it would be YUMMY!!!

  17. This is amaz­ing! I don’t think I’ll have a chance to make this for this 4th of July, but I’m book­mark­ing it for next year!

  18. A lit­tle tip I found out about awhile ago to bake a level cake (with­out spend­ing money on those Wilton strips), is to use a wet towel. I don’t remem­ber where I first saw this tip, but I found it on another site here:

    • That’s a great tip! I found my Wilton strips at a party store for only $2.99. After look­ing all over the inter­net, I see that they are con­sid­er­ably more than that! I’ll con­sider myself lucky that I found them for such a deal, and I’ll have to try the towel tip!

  19. LOVE IT!!!!!

  20. Omg that is PERFECTION. The lay­ers are so clean and tidy…I am going to aspire to be at your level now haha! ;)

  21. I really like this idea, it’s really quite inge­nious. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re wel­come! I thank Elissa for her (dad’s) awe­some idea! I couldn’t wait to make it!

  22. I am mak­ing this for a 4th july party on sun­day, I hate cream cheese so instead I am using marsh­mal­low cream and cov­er­ing it in a marsh­mal­low fon­dant. Also mak­ing it two lay­ers because there are a lot of peo­ple and adding straw­ber­ries around the out­side to decorate.

  23. Wow your cake looks amaz­ing! I’m am def­i­nitely mak­ing this cake for the fourth! Oh and i was won­der­ing how you get your cake to slice so nicely? Mine always has lots of crumbs that get dragged through the lay­ers and make every­thing look so sloppy.…Do you have any tips to help me in that direc­tion? Thanks!

    • Aimeesioux: Thank you for the com­pli­ment! Because the cake has cream cheese frost­ing, I keep it chilled it the refrig­er­a­tor. Then, when I’m ready to slice, I fill a pitcher with hot water and dip the (hope­fully pretty sharp) knife into the water, wipe it dry with a clean cloth, and make my cut. Then clean the knife with the cloth and repeat. It really does help if the cake is cold.

      • Also, den­tal floss works well. :)

      • Choose a thin knife as well, not a chef’s knife which has a lot of sur­face area for cake/frosting to accumulate.

  24. Hello Tammy,

    We’ve selected you as our Food­ista Food Blog of the Day for this July 4, 2011! Your blog for Coolest Fourth of July Cake will be fea­tured on the Food­ista home­page for 24 hours.

    Since you are now a part of the Food­ista Fea­tured Blog­ger of The Day Com­mu­nity, we’ve cre­ated a spe­cial badge for you to dis­play proudly on your blog side­bar.
    We are really enjoy­ing your blog and look for­ward to see­ing your recipes, tips and tech­niques on Foodista!


    Chris­tine @ Food­ista . com

    • Awe­some.

  25. This cake is gor­geous! Absolutely per­fect. Fea­tured you in my weekly Shiksa Picks! Here’s the link:

    • Thank you, and thanks for the link! I must give credit where credit is due: Elissa designed a pretty awe­some cake!

  26. !! Dar­ling! :)

  27. i’d prob­a­bly be able to do this as being a square or rec­tan­gu­lar, but round cake will take some doing. Looks great!!!

  28. This is adorable!!!!!!!!!!Im going to make it on Mon­day and see how it works out! :D

  29. Made this cake today; it turned out great! I used a box mix and store frost­ing which was fine for me. Freez­ing the cakes def­i­nitely helped. I posted a pic­ture from the recipe on face­book say­ing I was going to attempt it. Many of my friends were curi­ous how it turned out and how I did it. I made a lit­tle face­book album to show them. Check it out :)

    • Laura–I looked at your FB album. That was seri­ously a great job! I hope your friends were suit­ably impressed! Glad it worked out so well for you!

  30. This is one good-looking cake! I ran into two prob­lems, how­ever:
    There’s no men­tion in the direc­tions of when to add the sugar, and the direc­tions say bak­ing soda while the ingre­di­ents say bak­ing pow­der. My cake turned out just fine, but it threw me for a minute!

    • Thank you, Heather! That was prob­a­bly the longest post of my life and I did totally leave those two details out! I have fixed the omis­sions. Hope­fully there is noth­ing else!

      Laura J.–Grrr! FB wouldn’t let me view your pics! I’m glad it turned out great for you–I was happy to pass Elissa’s idea along!


    Here’s my attempt at it! I got lots of com­pli­ments on it. I used box mix and made the frost­ing from scratch.

    Thanks for the awe­some idea!!!!

    • FB wouldnt allow me to see your pics either and I am so curi­ous to see them. :(

  32. Oh my good­ness this looks amaz­ing! I am hav­ing a Red, White and Blue Linky Party and would love for you to stop by and join in!

  33. What is the but­ter­cream icing recipe

  34. to make a reg­u­lar box cake or even a home­made cake denser or heav­ier as like a pound cake you can add 1 or 2 boxes of jello vanilla pud­ding to the mix and that will do it!! or what­ever fla­vor of pud­ding you want to what­ever fla­vor of cake you are making!

    • Thanks for the excel­lent tip! I have a choco­late cake recipe that I do that to and it does make a much denser, moist cake!

  35. As great as this cake looks in your pho­tographs, I really don’t under­stand your instruc­tions.
    The recipe is labelled to make two cakes, but by the time you pro­vide the instruc­tions to add the food col­or­ing, you still haven’t men­tioned split­ting the recipe into two sep­a­rate cakes yet. This is largely con­fus­ing and makes absolutely no sense… Plus, you’re sup­posed to make three cakes for each color — mean­ing you want us to fol­low your recipe once, split it some­where down the road, then go back, half the recipe, and make the third layer…
    Excuse me if I’m get­ting this wrong, but your instruc­tions are entirely illog­i­cal. Cor­rect me if I’m wrong.
    The only rea­son I’m still here is because Elissa kindly gave so much free­dom with the white cake recipe, and I thought yours would have been a help­ful one to use.
    Now, I have a bowl of who knows what and no idea how to solve it.

    • For­give me if it sounded like you should make three cakes of each color. When I made the cake, I actu­ally made two cakes at once, so I col­ored an entire batch blue, an entire batch red, and 1 batch white. Adding the color at that stage helps keep you from over mixing.

      The white cake recipe pro­vided at the end of the post makes (2) 8 or 9 inch layer cakes. To accom­mo­date the flag cake, you will need to make the recipe twice. You then divide the bat­ter, col­or­ing 1/2 of each batch a dif­fer­ent color: 1 half red, 1 half blue, and then I would leave the sec­ond batch all white. This gives you one extra layer of white. I imag­ined that most peo­ple do not own three 9 inch cake pans, so I didn’t scale up the recipe to make three layers.

      I have changed to recipe to make more sense to some­one only mak­ing one cake. Just be care­ful not to over mix after you divide the fin­ished bat­ter and color it. You don’t want to deflate the air you have just spent time incor­po­rat­ing into your batter.

      I really appre­ci­ate the feed­back, Ellie. Some­times, as many times as I read over a post, I miss how it would be con­fus­ing to some­one else. I hope you were able to fin­ish the cake and that it turned out as you hoped!

  36. that is ridicu­lously awesome.

  37. Made this today and it was a huge hit! Did every­thing from scratch, and it was totally worth it. I used the Cooks Illus­trated white cake recipe–very easy to do and won­der­fully textured–and my own frost­ing recipe. Thanks for the won­der­ful assem­bly post!

  38. I made the cake for a fam­ily get together… I was a bit skep­ti­cal of my abil­ity to pull it off… but some­how it came together beau­ti­fully.
    I know you aren’t the orig­i­na­tor of the con­cept– but yours is the blog I stum­bled upon first.
    Any­way– the hard work was totally worth it when I cut into the cake and indeed peo­ple oohed and ahhed.

  39. I made this for the fourth and got RAVE reviews! I posted an entry about it at my blog, Check it out & thanks for the awe­some idea!

  40. Made this awe­some cake and blogged about it! My fam­ily was so impressed by it and my grand­fa­ther could not get over it. Such a neat idea, thank you for sharing!

  41. Wow! What a stun­ning idea for 4th of July! Wish I saw a lit­tle ear­lier this month. Will have to keep in mind for next year!

  42. That is an incred­i­bly awe­some cake!!!

  43. My son is grad­u­at­ing from Basic Train­ing this week and I am mak­ing this cake for his “Wel­come Home” dinner!

    • THAT is an awe­some idea!! The per­fect patri­otic cake even beyond the Fourth of July! Con­grat­u­la­tions to your son!

  44. I am so going to make this just because! Maybe it’s not July any­more but a good Sep­tem­ber 11th cake.

    I won­der if putting white sprin­kles in the blue cake mix would work to make the stars once baked!

  45. A VIDEO WOULD BE EASIER FOR ME TO LEARN THIS. I’m a lit­tle slower then oth­ers in the bak­ing depart­ment, LOVE IT & ALL THE OTHER PICTURES:-)

    • We have def­i­nitely thought about mak­ing some video posts. Hope­fully we can fig­ure i out soon. Thanks for your com­ple­ment about the photos!

  46. Won­der­ful pre­sen­ta­tion for this cake!! Eye catch­ing!! Can’t wait to attmept it.

  47. this is AMAZING

  48. I just love your cake. My son’s b-day is the 4th of July and I have just started try­ing to design his b-day cake and while look­ing for inspi­ra­tion I came across your cake. I am defi­nately going to incor­po­rate this in my design. I think I’m going to do it in a way that it is a sur­prise when he cuts into it. Thank you sooooo much for your inspiration.

  49. i am a visual learner. if any­one can show step by step, it would be SO help­ful and and as awe­some as this cake is!! thanks for shar­ing it. :-)

    • Next time I make this cake I will make sure that I doc­u­ment the progress! I know it’s helpful.

  50. I would like to try and make this. What dye would you rec­om­mend using to make the cake so blue and red? I’m afraid of the red turn­ing pink and the blue being too pale. Never dyed cake bat­ter before. Can’t wait to try this out!

  51. I am so amazed at how cre­ative and fes­tive this cake is!! I am going to try it — fin­gers crossed it turns out 1/10th as good as yours!! Thank you so much for tak­ing the time to post and answer so many questions!!!

  52. Love the cake! Just used it in my own post today about great red, white and blue flag themed ideas for the Fourth of July. Here is a link to my site:

    I hope you enjoyed the post!!

  53. This is one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever seen!! You just made my to-do list longer :) Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

  54. Also, you can use the lay­ers of cake that are not part of this cake for a 4th of July Par­fait! Just add blue and red berries, white cream, jello if you want it and bananas! Enjoy!

  55. This is very cool! Thank you for shar­ing it. I’m fea­tur­ing it, and a link to your blog post, on my News of the Day today.

  56. I will right away grab your rss feed as I can’t find your e-mail sub­scrip­tion hyper­link or e-newsletter ser­vice. Do you have any? Please allow me recog­nise so that I could sub­scribe. Thanks.

  57. You are right, this is the coolest 4th of July cake! I made this a cou­ple of sum­mers ago. I made a coconut ver­sion. This cake is so much fun to make and to eat! Feel free to see the coconut ver­sion at
    Your cake looks pic­ture per­fect. The frost­ing looks delec­table, too! Job well done!

    • Thanks for the com­ments! It really isn’t as hard as it may look. The coconut ver­sion sounds wonderful!

  58. Fan­tas­tic recipe!! Thanks! Just a thought–using those white non­pareils as con­fetti when bak­ing the blue cake. It’s just a pity I missed the 4th on this recipe! Hats off to you and Elisa!

  59. This cake is truly a work of art! I’m totally amazed.

    • Peo­ple are so clever. I love mak­ing this cake. it’s so impres­sive and yummy!

  60. I saw a sim­i­lar ver­sion of that cake on Betty Crocker’s site. Maybe Elissa saw that?

    • I’m guess­ing it’s the other way around as Elissa posted her cake back in 2009. She explains how she her dad devel­oped the idea. I think it is genius!

  61. Has any­one tried using white choco­late chips (mini’s) maked into the blue layer so they become the “stars”? I think it would work brilliantly!

  62. I just made this today for the 4th and I used my Joy of Cook­ing white cake mix but this set up and it was amaz­ing and easy to fol­low. Thanks for the great idea. Sure to do this design again.

  63. I think pic­tures SHOWING HOW to do this would have been quite a help.

    • I agree that visu­als work really well for peo­ple. Our style of pho­tog­ra­phy is very metic­u­lous and time con­sum­ing and for this rea­son I decided to include extremely detailed instruc­tions instead of pho­tos. Other baker/followers have tried using the direc­tions and been very pleased with how easy they are to fol­low once you read them thor­oughly. I hope you give it a try!

  64. I made this cake yes­ter­day and it was a hit. Thanks for the idea!

  65. I just made this cake yes­ter­day and wow — was it a hit! I went out with a group of friends and brought this cake to the restau­rant (ask­ing first, of course!). Kudos to the Roar­ing Fork for their enthu­si­as­tic recep­tive­ness! Any­way, all the tables around us were all but applaud­ing, see­ing the slices on the tray! (PS If any­one but you cuts the cake, be sure to tell them to cut wedges, not slices! You don’t want all that engi­neer­ing to be lost!) Even the server was amazed. Here are my obser­va­tions: I used reg­u­lar liq­uid food col­or­ing, and yes — lots of it. I, too, was think­ing that it might come out pink or an odd blue, given the color of the bat­ter, but NOPE! Per­fect as the pic­ture! I found the crumbs a lit­tle bit of a chal­lenge when frost­ing the half slices, par­tic­u­larly the red, as it was hard to keep it out of the frost­ing. Maybe I’ll freeze them first next time? It was also a chal­lenge han­dling the lay­ers — they were crack­ing a bit. I kept them on pieces of plas­tic wrap and that made it a lot eas­ier to move them around. When sep­a­rat­ing the blue, red and white slices after cut­ting the hole, I sug­gest using a flat sheet of some kind — much eas­ier to remove them. The other chal­lenge was frost­ing the inside of the blue ring, again, because it was cut cake and the crumbs were per­va­sive. Lastly, I thought I was get­ting the slices even all the way up when assem­bling the cake but nope — mine was a lit­tle lop­sided but I didn’t see it right away, so be care­ful. Put lots of frost­ing on top straight away so that those pesky crumbs stay down! Refrig­er­at­ing it all the way through makes it loads eas­ier assem­ble, and to cut and serve. This cake is fun to make and even more fun if you don’t tell any­one what’s inside — it’s a really fun sur­prise and it’ll make all of your hard work worth it!

  66. OH! And I for­got something.…..I used the trick about the wet towel around the pan — bril­liant! Lay­ers were flat­ter than flat. I did find that when you do that, stick to the typ­i­cal bak­ing time — don’t adjust time/temp for a dark pan.

  67. this cake looks good in the pic­ture, but the real­ity is it sucks to make!


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