Oven Roasted Vegetables

Vegetables to Roast

Roast­ing veg­eta­bles is sim­ple. Most veg­gies are deli­cious roasted, as it brings out a sweet­ness and full­ness of fla­vor that can’t be dupli­cated oth­er­wise. Just don’t cut the pieces too small, or they will melt away.

Toss the cut veg­eta­bles with a bit of olive oil to help keep them from dry­ing out,  and a sprin­kle of salt and pep­per, that helps bring out the juices.

Pre­heat your oven to 400 degrees F.

Line a bak­ing sheet with parch­ment or a sil­pat liner.

Spread veg­gies on bak­ing sheet.

Try not to let the veg­gies pile on top of each other while roast­ing.  A lit­tle touch­ing is okay.  About 20–25 min­utes should do it for most vegetables.

Watch towards the end of time to make sure they are pro­gress­ing as you want.

Serve on their own, or use in a vari­ety of recipes.

Roasted Vegetables



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