Sloppy Joes

Posted in Anthologie, Beef, Main Dish | 2 comments

This is a recipe many years in the mak­ing. What started out as a soup can recipe that my mom used reli­giously, has evolved into a...

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Patriotic Popcorn

Posted in Anthologie, Fourth of July, Treats | 4 comments

Who knew some­thing as kitschy as Jello Pop­corn could be so addic­tive? The col­ors are prac­ti­cally end­less, and the taste is...

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The Firecracker

Posted in Anthologie, Beverages, Fourth of July, Holidays | 2 comments

Ahhh! What can I say about The Fire­cracker? I don’t want to give the impres­sion that it looks bet­ter than it tastes, because it’s...

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Red, White, and Blue Ebelskivers

Posted in Anthologie, Breakfast, Fourth of July | 2 comments

Ebel­skivers (Aebel­skivers) are a Dan­ish dessert that really should be served as a break­fast meal, in my opin­ion. They some­what...

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The Easiest Fourth of July Pie I’ve Ever Seen

Posted in Anthologie, Desserts, Fourth of July, Pies | 14 comments

  Well, okay. Maybe it’s not quite as easy as mak­ing a box of Jello pud­ding, but it’s...

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Pork Sliders with Tangy Slaw and Grilled Pineapple Slices

Posted in Anthologie, Main Dish | 0 comments

The com­bi­na­tion of fla­vors in this slider is so amaz­ing! The smoky pork, the tangy, crunchy slaw, and the sweet pineap­ple on...

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Creamy Macaroni Salad

Posted in Anthologie, Salads | 6 comments

Most people’s mac­a­roni salad recipe exists only in their heads. Pretty incon­ve­nient, really. It involves a lot of guess­ing,...

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Peppermint Trifle

Posted in Desserts | 3 comments

Of all the Christ­mas recipes in my brain, this one has been there the longest. I would get so excited as a kid watch­ing my mom and dad...

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Prime Rib Primer

Posted in Anthologie, Beef, Main Dish, Thanksgiving | 43 comments

Prime Rib has such an intim­i­dat­ing rep­u­ta­tion. It actu­ally couldn’t be sim­pler! In response to Nisha, a Secret Life of a...

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Yukon-Turnip Gratin

Posted in Sides, Thanksgiving | 0 comments

Never have I had a more deli­cious pota­toes gratin. The turnips add some­thing extra that using just pota­toes doesn’t deliver. And...

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