Chocolate Mint Crackle Cookies

Posted in 12 Days of Cookie Christmas, Desserts | 5 comments

This recipe came to me by way of a Christ­mas cookie exchange. I really love a good choco­late crackle cookie and have been on a quest...

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French Silk and Caramel Pie

Posted in Desserts, Pies, Thanksgiving | 17 comments

This is by far the silki­est, smooth pie I have ever eaten! I’m not even sure ‘silky’ goes far enough to describe the tex­ture. Use...

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Firm Caramel Sauce for Desserts

Posted in Condiments, Desserts, Essentials | 9 comments

  This caramel is not as soft as ice cream top­ping, and works well as a layer in bars and pies,...

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Lemon Truffle Pie

Posted in Desserts, Pies, Thanksgiving, Treats | 16 comments

This pie has all the ele­ments that I love in a dessert. First of all, lemon, which might just beat out choco­late for me if I really...

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Pomegranate Mousse Pie

Posted in Desserts, Pies, Thanksgiving, Treats | 10 comments

This pie is not seri­ous in any way, unless you wanted to say it was seri­ously deli­cious! Every­thing about it is FUN! I love the...

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Pie Crust Tutorial

Posted in Essentials, Pies, Thanksgiving | 1 comment

  Putting together a good pie crust is equally about using the right recipe and employ­ing the cor­rect tech­niques while mix­ing it...

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Chewy-Soft Caramel Corn

Posted in Treats | 11 comments

This is a recipe that came from my child­hood. A recipe taken directly from my mama, who made some killer candy in her day! A recipe that...

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Potawatomi Plum Sorbet

Posted in Desserts | 21 comments

I was gifted with a huge bowl of the most gor­geous plums last week. I couldn’t take my eyes off the fruit. They looked like the most...

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Bruschetta Trio

Posted in Appetizers | 5 comments

    Bruschetta is one of my favorite appe­tiz­ers ever. I fell in love when the Chef made it for me the first time. (with the...

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Basil Pesto

Posted in Condiments, Essentials | 15 comments

  To make basil pesto that is at all eco­nom­i­cal, you should either grow your own basil, or have a friend who does. I mourn the loss...

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