Fro Ho Choco

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As this I type, it is cur­rently 7 degrees F out­side. The snow has frozen to a crispy, crusty layer that no earthly crea­ture could...

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Deep, Dark, Hot Chocolate Mix

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This is not your kid­dies hot choco­late mix. No super sweet, mini marshmallow-laden mix here.  This is an indul­gent, dark...

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The Firecracker

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Ahhh! What can I say about The Fire­cracker? I don’t want to give the impres­sion that it looks bet­ter than it tastes, because it’s...

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The Firefly

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I fig­ure no BBQ is com­plete with­out some­thing refresh­ing to drink. If you’ve got a decent blender, this mixes up quickly, four...

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Lime Ginger Fizz

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My kids chris­tened this drink “Sploosh”, I think just because it’s fun to say, and not that it resem­bles at all the bot­tled...

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