Italian Macaroni & Cheese

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This is some pretty deca­dent Mac & Cheese. Seri­ous fla­vor com­mit­ment here!  The pancetta–ridiculous! The toma­toes add a...

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Potato Leek Pie with Gruyere and Bacon

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All the good­ness in this pie. Mmmm!  Not what you’d expect, either. It’s an entire meal enveloped in a dou­ble crust of but­tery...

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Grilled Chicken Flatbread

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This recipe is a meal in itself!  Grilling and roast­ing things is a great way to get kids to...

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Sloppy Joes

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This is a recipe many years in the mak­ing. What started out as a soup can recipe that my mom used reli­giously, has evolved into a...

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Pork Sliders with Tangy Slaw and Grilled Pineapple Slices

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The com­bi­na­tion of fla­vors in this slider is so amaz­ing! The smoky pork, the tangy, crunchy slaw, and the sweet pineap­ple on...

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Prime Rib Primer

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Prime Rib has such an intim­i­dat­ing rep­u­ta­tion. It actu­ally couldn’t be sim­pler! In response to Nisha, a Secret Life of a...

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Chicken Verde Taquitos

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My goal: to con­vince you that mak­ing these tooth­some lit­tle tacos is no more dif­fi­cult than going to the store, buy­ing a box...

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Wild Rice and Chicken Soup

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I’ve used the same wild rice soup recipe for eas­ily a decade. Used it and loved it, but recently I saw a ver­sion that called for a...

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Black Angus Burger with Tomato Jam and Smoky Mayo

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When it comes right down to it, even with all the great shred­ded this and smoked that, noth­ing quite rivals a sim­ple burger for...

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Creamy Chicken Orzo

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This is one dang fast and easy din­ner. Cook your chicken and chop your veg­gies ahead of time and it takes maybe 15 min­utes, tops to...

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