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Vanilla Caffe Latte Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Swirl

Posted in Anthologie, Appetizers, Desserts | 2 comments

Cheese­cake was my favorite dessert in my youth. We didn’t eat out much, and...

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Asparagus Soup

Posted in Anthologie, Soups | 0 comments

Spring­time brings all sorts of renewal excite­ment. Watch­ing things green...

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Passionfruit Coulis

Posted in Anthologie, Desserts, Essentials | 0 comments

 Coulis is basi­cally a fruit or veg­etable puree. It can be sweet­ened...

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Buttermilk Panna Cotta. Simple and Perfect.

Posted in Anthologie, Desserts | 1 comment

This is hands down, my absolute favorite dessert. I can’t think of a sin­gle...

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Coconut Basil Rice

Posted in Anthologie, Sides | 0 comments

This rice is a step up from basic coconut rice and is a fab­u­lous side to...

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Potato Leek Pie with Gruyere and Bacon

Posted in Anthologie, Main Dish | 6 comments

All the good­ness in this pie. Mmmm!  Not what you’d expect, either....

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